21 Duel Blackjack Multihand
A unique take on Blackjack, you will have even more chances to win in this variation that allows players to combine one or two of their dealt cards with communal cards to make the best hand. Any three of a kind pays out 20-1!
Progressive Blackjack
Blackjack is a game always on the casino floor and you'll find it difficult to find a more rewarding version than Progressive Blackjack. Work your way to 21 without a bust to win. Get four suited aces to be awarded the top prize.
Perfect Blackjack Multihand 5
Earn 25x your wager in the case of being dealt a perfect blackjack in this multihand variation of the iconic casino game to 21. Up to five hands can be dealt at once and you can play just like a pro working the Vegas casino circuit.
Multiplayer Blackjack Surrender
Gather round the blackjack table like it were a real casino floor when you play with friends and strangers online in a game of Multiplayer Blackjack Surrender. Play it safe and keep half your stake if you think your hand is weak.
Live Mini Blackjack
When you want to play a quick game to 21 and get straight into the action, sit down to a private table with your own live croupier and play against the house. It's a great way to get the live casino experience in a no-frills layout.
Double Attack Blackjack
Get more than you bargained for in this Blackjack game with lots of twists and turns. You'll be happy to know an extra bet can be slipped in when the dealer's up card is dealt and that can really up the stakes on every hand dealt.
Blackjack Surrender
Another great adaptation of the classic casino card game to 21, Blackjack surrender lets players mitigate their potential losses and surrender a losing hand before it's too late. Never lose your full wager again in Blackjack Surrender.
Blackjack Super 21
A spiced up version of the classic game to 21, this special version of the game raises the stakes. The more cards you have in your hand to get to 21, the better. Hold 5 or 6 cards to get the top-tier payouts in this Blackjack game.
Blackjack Scratch
Play Blackjack Scratch just like you would at the table. You'll be dealt a set of hands with one card up and one card down. Each hand will have a different prize value. Scratch to reveal your hand and if you beat the dealer you win!
Blackjack Pro
Contrary what the name of this blackjack game might have you think, there is no need to be a pro before you head to the table. Although, you may find that after a few hands you'll be playing like a pro thanks to how easy it is to win.
Blackjack Peek
Take it to the next level in Blackjack Peek, where you're against the dealer in a multi-hand variation of the classic game to 21. An intuitive interface and quick betting make this game an easy one to turn your hands into winners.
Blackjack Live
When a taste of Vegas is what you're really after, you can feel like you're right there on the casino floor with a personal table and live croupier waiting to deal you into the next hand of this iconic game where you play to 21.
A casino classic, it doesn't get any more straightforward than Blackjack. All you're after is the highest ranking hand to beat the dealer without going bust. Hit or stay on your way to 21 and your next big Blackjack win.
American Blackjack
An iconic game in a race against the dealer to 21, American Blackjack is a casino classic all over the world and this variation will have you feeling like you're sitting down to an American casino without ever having to leave home.
Unlimited Blackjack Live
While most Blackjack tables limit how many players can join, Live Unlimited Blackjack allows an unlimited number of participants to enjoy the game. A remarkable game, you'll enjoy the thrill of playing with a crowd every hand.

One of the most recognizable card games at any casino, Blackjack is a straightforward game with a few special features that have made this race to 21 an instant classic. You’ll be playing against the dealer for the strongest hand with a value that doesn’t exceed 21. Go over that magic number and you’re bust; that’s an instant loss. Don’t worry, the dealer can do that same and make you a winner by default. Take a risk or play it safe, either way you’re playing the odds to predict which card will come next.


This classic card game is a simple one to approach, there are only a few mechanics you’ll want to know about before you dive right in. First is betting, you can do so in a denomination of your choosing from a single pound to one or two hundred in most cases.

You’ll have the opportunity to split any hand that is initially dealt two of the same card, for instance two aces. They may then both be played as individual hands and allow you to make double in a single round of play.

You can also double down on a hand you think will be a winner whenever you’ve been dealt your two initial cards. Keep in mind you may only be dealt one additional card in this scenario so use this feature wisely.

In some variations, you can purchase insurance for your bet. This is a way to mitigate losses on a hand you think is particularly weak and will not be enough to beat the dealer.


There are some very fun and interesting variations of Blackjack at 21Nova and we encourage you to try them all. Live blackjack may be the most immersing experience, or perhaps you’d like to play some classic Blackjack for old time’s sake. Either way, our selection of Blackjack card games is sure to satisfy players from every background.

Make your selection and be dealt that winning 21 you’ve been waiting for at 21Nova.

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